Monthly Milestones: 4th Month

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Joaquin is officially 4 months old today! I'm not sure if this is normal for every new parent, but I get excited with every new trick our baby dishes out. I'm obsessed with watching out if he's developing normally in terms of skill, that I tend to read up on what new abilities can be anticipated of his age in a certain week and tick away. Though I know all babies vary in terms of development pace, there's a thrill in finding out that my kid is going at it as expected, or sometimes, maybe even ahead.

So this month, li'l chubster learned to lie on his tummy and hold his head steadily erect for longer. I'm still waiting for him to roll over from his back on his own, but his arm still gets left under him whenever he attempts it and I have to help him pull it out. He can do the mini push up though, so he's finally figured out that he needs to use his arms and shoulders for support rather than just using his back and neck muscles alone. Tummy time is more interesting now. :)

He also has figured out that his hands are delish. Oh wait, actually, pretty much everything looks yummy to him 'cause anything and everything big enough to fit his mouth that he grabs onto winds up getting slobbered. If you've read one of the other posts I published a few weeks back, I mentioned there that Joaquin's dominant sense is touch - hence, learning to him means using all parts of his body. Yeah, that includes his tongue. Haha! So I can just imagine that if there's typically a normal phase for babies to chomp off stuff, he might end up doing it just a bit more. There's also still some work needed on his hand-eye coordination though, since he can't deliberately grab objects yet but just bats at them instead. He can however, grab onto his feet now, which looks like he just recently discovered is a part of him. I swear, it's funny when he's trying to reach 'em without toppling over! It's like watching a dog chase its tail!

yummy baby fingers! LOL
new toy: his feet!
What's been most entertaining recently is that he now babbles back when he's talked to. Or when he's playing alone & bored. Here's a video of one of his more emotional verbal outbursts:

Looking forward to upcoming milestones!

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