Joaquin joins the Christian world!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Super late post; finished collating all pics just now -- yikes, I know!

a groggy albeit grumpy Joaquin at his
baptism ceremony
But anyway, did you know that there's a difference between dedication, baptism, and christening? If you did, pardon me, but it's the first time I found out that, strictly speaking, these terms are actually not interchangeable. Most churches, such as with Roman Catholics and Methodists, practice baptism as a sacrament where God does something; it is a sacrament where God claims a child as His own and makes this person a part of this community of faith -- the child is adopted by God to be His son. In other churches though, it is more believed that baptism is a sacrament where a person has to do something, typically publicly profess his faith -- hence, it can be done only by someone who has the capacity to choose to believe, to understand the true meaning of faith. It is usually in these churches that an infant dedication is made, where the baby is dedicated by the parents and godparents -- adults who completely understand God's ways -- to God, and they dedicate themselves to teaching the child these ways as well. The latter specifically does not include baptizing with water, as that ritual is done later on during their adolescent years. Christening, on the other hand, supposedly refers to publicly naming and dedicating an infant in a part of the ritual of baptism. However, it isn't actually an official church term. Too bad I read this after Joaquin's baptism was done. LOL.

invitation & cake pop giveaway
I came across these when I was coming up with the correct wording for invitations for Joaquin's baptism, which we held last January 12, 2013 at the Our Lady of Annunciation Parish along Mindanao Avenue, and of course we were joined by our family and closest friends. I'm glad that amidst the hustle of last holiday's celebrations, we managed to attend to baptism preps, which I crammed into our schedule with crossed fingers. We had settled for a short list of our closest dear ones, so we were okay with super simple invitations c/o one of 'em layout & printing stalls in UP Shopping Center; we had friends who were in the cupcake business, so cake pops giveaways were already covered, too! Thankfully, we were able to celebrate the event successfully.

I'm not a devout catholic. I don't have anything against Christian practices, but I just wasn't raised in a religious family. Despite this, I actually believe in the sacrament of baptism. I believe in guiding our child to learn about God & use that knowledge to decide for himself on what's right & wrong; in teaching him to stand up for his faith & what he believes in. I believe in trusting that his godparents truly understand the essence of their roles & that they will make good 2nd parents to Joaquin whenever, however they are needed.

So welcome to the Catholic community, baby love!

What is the difference between Christening, Infant Baptism, and Infant Dedication?
Baptisms, Christenings, and Dedications: The Differences Researched, Defined, and Explained

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