Thursday, January 24, 2013

In line with my last post on Joaquin's baptism last Jan. 12, I'm pleased to share that we have nothing but good things to say about the reception held at Fiesta Island Seafood Hub -- a.k.a. F.I.S.H. -- located at the corner of Congressional Ave. & Visayas Ave.

As the name implies, the restaurant makes dining a feast indeed. Serving yummy seafood dishes like sinigang na salmon belly & steamed oysters, their Filipino menu is also filled with other favorites such as beef caldereta & bulalo. Interestingly enough, our attention was caught by twists to the classics, including oyster adobo & crab meat sisig.

Our main menu

As we've never eaten there prior to the reception, we had to taste the food for ourselves before deciding whether to book them for the affair. We tried out kinilaw na tanigue -- fish cooked only with the acidity of vinegar, chilli, garlic & onions -- and sinigang na lechon kawali. My hubby couldn't stop repeating how he enjoyed the food, which is a pretty big deal since his usual comments when eating are just "ok lang" or a grunt. Plus the lechon kawali won me over; crispy but still juicy & not tough at all, combined with the classic sinigang soup. 'Nuff said.

Aside from the great food, the service was also very nice. We had no hassles dealing with the reservations, & were even allowed to tweak the set menu they already had for functions. Free tarp & use of speakers of the function room were included in the package, too. Feel fee to check out further details:

contact number: (02) 9299022

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