Prospero Año Nuevo!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Just a few more hours before we greet 2013 & I still have a moment to reflect, introspect, and make a mental rough draft of the path I envision for my upcoming year.

2012 was my huge game changer. Resigned from being a corporate peon after living that life for over 4 years, took on the role of full time homemaker, and welcomed momhood with widely open arms. While I've never been successful at any previous attempts in keeping with new year's resolutions, let me try to be more positive about this one final attempt.

Baby steps.

1) Have more patience. In fairness to me, this is something I'm pretty sure I've improved on over the years. Patience in terms of controlling temper, patience in terms of delaying gratification, and patience in terms of waiting for things to unfold by themselves.

2) Save just for the sake of saving. Since we now have our little one to look after, every aspect of our financial planning as a couple has shifted. Apart from the allotted budget we have for planned investments, I'd still like to be able to save before there's really anything specific to save up for.

3) Stay as a fun wife. Consequently, this should make us fun parents after all, right? It does sound a tad bit idealistic, & I do acknowledge that it takes constant conscious effort to work through the relatively challenging parts of marriage, but the bottom line is that there is continuous two-way effort. As long as we're both at it, I guess nothing should feel like a struggle.

4) Prioritizing me. And I don't mean putting myself before everything else. I simply mean putting as much importance in myself as the rest of my priorities. I've learned over the years that this does not automatically equate to being selfish, but actually allows me to maintain a clear perspective of self-worth. This in turn, makes me a more effective, trusting, and loving wife & mom.

5) Stay optimistic. Life will always have downs. Always. But no matter how low it can get, I must keep in mind that it will pass. The key is knowing that with a little patience, faith, support and reminder that there are people who love me that no matter how difficult it gets, even if it seems to take so long, it can only get better at some point.

6) Share my blessings. I'm not charitable; I've never been altruistic and I won't pretend to be. I just wasn't raised that way. But I've been truly lucky in my life this past year that I feel compelled to be a bit more generous whenever possible, however I can. It can be as mundane as handing excess take out food to a street peddler, or donating old but usable clothes -- the simple things that make a difference in someone else's life. And then somewhere down the road, I can teach the same to my son based on more than principle, but on actual deeds.

Whether or not you have your own resolutions for the incoming year, I hope any changes you're looking to make will be for the better so you & your dear ones can truly have a joyous new year.

Happy 2013, folks!

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