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Sunday, December 23, 2012

One of the perks of living in technologically advanced times is having the opportunity to take instantaneous snap shots of precious fleeting moments. I think it's this ease that has let us become obsessed with taking pictures of even the most mundane of mundane. Being photo obsessed, I've taken a liking to clicking away especially every time Joaquin does something quirky, funny, weird, new, or amazing. Being that it's our first Christmas with our jolly chubster, we wanted to have our first family portrait taken professionally. Cue Pic-A-Boo!

Joaquin & I at Pic-A-Boo SM North EDSA
Pic-A-Boo is a photo studio specializing in taking portraits of babies & toddlers. I found their package rates pretty decent; nothing too overpriced, which was surprising, too, since I had this preconceived notion that pictures taken in a studio or with a professional photographer are always going to be unreasonably pricey since you were using their props, lighting, etc. We had an allotment of 30 minutes for 3 set ups, and we were given the option to choose costumes for Joaquin from the selection of available clothes they had for his age. Won't be showing all his pictures here yet since I'm planning to use them in his baptism invitations, but take my word for it - they're the cutest!

I was especially pleased with the photographer, whose name I unfortunately missed on asking in the midst of my excitement, because of her patience and professionalism in catching good shots of Joaquin who was distracted with everything new around him. It couldn't be easy to try to get decent pictures of babies who you can't instruct to smile or pose a certain angle, or to deal with toddlers who simply can't stay put long enough for the camera to get a shot, and in hindsight I guess it's also part of the reason I was expecting their services to be super expensive.

All in all they made it an enjoyable experience, and I'm sure to go back when Joaquin is a bit older when it's time to update that family pic and so he get into those other cutesy outfits, too! You can find an overview of their rates and contact info via their Facebook page by clicking here.

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