Nurse & Shield

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

my Nurse & Shield in action
To be clear, I have absolutely nothing against barenaked breasts of moms who nurse in public, but being a newbie to the mom scene, it's just something that I don't have the boldness (how apt. haha!) to do myself. I do acknowledge though that when you're a mom, and your baby needs to be fed, it's instinct to want to give him milk anytime, anywhere, anyhow you can; especially if you're the only one who can provide it.

So, since I would have to go out of the house from time to time, I have finally considered using a breastfeeding cover.
I've checked out a whole lot of of different baby boutiques in malls as well as online. There are ponchos, huge shawls, & aprons for mommy, and even a wide-brimmed hat (?) used on the baby himself - and I personally think they all seem to be relatively indiscreet. With all this searching, I finally came across the Nurse & Shield cover from Multiply shop, Tiny Tots.

It's made of two overlapping layers of thin cotton that you can adjust to cover up your breasts, exposing only the part the baby needs to latch on to, without having to cover the baby himself. Hence, the baby doesn't feel uncomfortable having whatever over his head and/or face, so no fussiness & wailing around. It also covers your back, so even if your shirt is lifted underneath it, no skin will show. All of this avoids calling unnecessary attention from everyone around you while you conveniently feed that hungry baby!

I've used it several times already in coffee shops and restos, and it only looks like I'm cradling sleeping Joaquin (unless someone really stares hard enough to see his chubby cheeks moving). For someone keen on exposing herself, there really isn't any awkwardness at all.

You can purchase your own Nurse & Shield for only P550.00 - a measly price compared to products out there of the same category. Visit the shop website by clicking here to see other available designs and sizing information. They also have onesies, toddler shirts, and other cute and useful finds for mums & kiddos.

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