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Saturday, December 08, 2012

When I was still pregnant with Joaquin, I had heard a lot of stories from relatives, friends and acquaintances about why they had ended up weaning their babies early or not breastfeeding at all. More than 90% of the cases I had heard were due to insufficient milk supply right after giving birth, or dried up supply because of having to go back to work. Because I was determined to breastfeed badly, I naturally felt anxious since I knew that the supply was partially affected by the mom's nutrition; and I was not the healthiest of moms, sans all the prenatal vitamins prescribed to me by my OB. I hated vegetables.

My favorite chewy brownies - baked fresh, daily!
The only non-meat food I ate were starchy root crops like potatoes (which I still argue are part of the veggie family) and onions. Even though I ate a whole lot of fruits in an attempt to make up for the exclusion of greens from my plate, I was worried that it wouldn't make up for the nutrients I needed.

I came across a celebrity mom's Instagram feed and saw the Mommy Treats logo with the caption "the healthy way to increase your milk supply". I immediately checked out their site and instantly drooled over the photos of pastry goodies that included muffins, brownies, and mini-cupcakes.
Mommy Paola, the genius momprenuer behind this, came up with a way to incorporate galactagogues, substances that increase milk supply, with our favorite homemade desserts. You can read her story by clicking here.

They looked so yummy, that as soon as I gave birth, I had placed an order for 'em delectable brownies. True enough, I got my milk flowing steadily just a week after Joaquin was born. As if being yummy while keeping your milk supply up weren't enough, the recipes used also make sure you don't put on any pounds. There's nothing to be guilty about this pleasure at all!

Paola also has a special treat for the holidays - lactation spoons that come in 3 flavors, and peppermint brownies!
Lactation spoons (photo grabbed

Treats can be ordered in 1 week, 2 weeks, or 1 month supply and can either be delivered at your place or picked up. Please check out her Facebook page and her website by clicking here to read on FAQs on the products, and of course, to order and try these indulgences out for yourself.

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