Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I was able to drag my hubby to the Mommy Mundo Bazaar held at the Rockwell Tent last November 25. I was so pleased that it didn't turn out to be like a common tiangge where people almost breathe on each other already out of lack of space. Hence, more convenient shopping time!

One of the major reasons why I had wanted to go because I had ordered some stuff from one of the participating vendors days before, and she had suggested that I come pick up the items at the bazaar so I could get a chance to check out other baby goodies that she was selling. This worked well because I ended up buying tons of rompers for Joaquin since they had lots of cute prints. You can check out the multiply site for this mompreneur, called Tiny Tots, by clicking here. They also have nursing tops, undergarments, and nursing covers.

I was also able to grab a pair of TipTap Soft Soles, which I initially thought was pretty pricey for an infant piece since I was trying not to purchase too much baby clothing & shoes because I know they grow up so fast. But as it turns out, this pair is probably one of the best I've splurged on. It fits Joaquin well enough that he's comfortable, with a little more allowance so he can get to use it a bit longer. And of course, it doesn't hurt that it looks adorable, too.

My hubby also generously offered to get me a tube of intensive action cream from Mustela :) I have yet to see how effective it is on me since I've been using it on & off for less than 2 weeks only -- I'll keep you updated.

We would've gone for the photo freebie, too, c/o The Baby Shower, but Joaquin already started asking for Milk. Fortunately, there was a breastfeeding station provided by the organizers which was secluded from the main bazaar area so mom's could supposedly nurse more privately. My only apprehension was that they had only used light curtains to cover that part by the exit, and they were billowing in the wind so they were kind of useless in terms of keeping the the privacy since everyone who were exiting the bazaar, including the guards by the door, could see everything anyway. This is why I took a beeline for the empty seating at the cornermost space, but the other mom's who were already there immediately stopped me (almost shrieked, actually) because as it turns out, it was empty because it was filled with mosquitoes.

All in all, I guess it was still a success not only because of the amazing finds and freebies they had, but also because they got to give a chance to some mompreneurs to promote their businesses. I just hope next year, they get to set up a more adequate nursing and diaper changing area, especially since so many moms visit the event with their babies. 

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