Keeping Sanity: Back to Blogging Blues

Monday, December 03, 2012

I love everything about being a mom. It isn't sheer bliss 24/7, but I love all the ups & downs that come with it. I've come to believe though, that in order to continue to enjoy it, I have to find ways that work for me to keep my sanity afloat. Otherwise, I might end up 99% stressed, resentful & exhausted. Don't get me wrong, my husband - being my best friend - is still my best listener in the world.  But he has a knack for trying to "fix" things for me, even if there's no solution nor am i looking for any (he says it's a guy thing). Most of the time, i just want to rant & rave. Period. Hence, I'm back to blogging!

Joaquin has passed his 2 month mark & still amazes me with the littlest things everyday. Last week, he started deliberately smiling & cooing back in response to my funny faces & nonsense talk w/ weird intonations. I love seeing that gummy grin so much that if I had to bang my head on a wall repeatedly to see him do it, I would! Thankfully a high-pitched conversation while I smile is enough. Most of the time I'm just satisfied to watch him stare back quietly when I feed him or hold him close. 

They say parenthood changes everything, & they couldn't have said it any better. Likewise, I couldn't be any more excited to go on this adventure with the best husband I could wish for & our darling little guy. 

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