Hiatus on Date Nights

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Joaquin has suddenly decided to stop nursing expressed milk from a bottle. I had no problems since day one, and I never expected I would have any issues with this AT ALL.
The initial game plan was supposedly super simple: I would nurse him directly majority of the time since I had already resigned and was going to be home with him always, pump milk to help keep my supply up and have a ready stash for days when I would be leaving him with Flynn so I could do errands, go out with the girls, or have my me-time; or whenever Lolo and Lolas would kidnap him so hubby & I could sneak date nights.

It went perfectly for a month, and then one day, *snap*!
Just like that, Joaquin would not accept the bottle. I tried giving him a new batch of stored milk, tried using the Playtex bottle & teat instead (he was originally using Avent); I even tried having Flynn & my mom-in-law try offering the bottle since I read babies sometimes get confused since they tend to associate mommy with direct breastfeeding. All attempts were an epic failure. He would push out the teat, with all the milk from the bottle dripping out, but would instantly take in milk fed the natural way (so it means he isn't full and likes to feed).

Have any of you mommies out there encountered the same challenge? Did it go away eventually and did baby accept the bottle again?

His pedia says it's quite normal and happens with a lot of babies. She suggested we give it a rest for a while so he doesn't develop any animosity towards the bottle. For now, I have no choice but to take him everywhere with me. While I was hesitant to breastfeed in public before and just brought a bottle and extra bags of pumped milk whenever we were out with Joaquin, there isn't room for that hesitation at present. Honestly though, part of me (very much) surprisingly feels liberated when I do nurse him in public. 

photo from Tiny Tots product catalog
Take note still, that I have yet to have the bravery to bare naked boobies out in the open...haha! So because there aren't a lot of places I know with adequate breastfeeding stations and I've only been able to comfortably use the one at the Eastwood City Mall, I have to settle for a nursing cover. There are lots of  these sold in baby shops and online stores and they come in a variety of styles - ponchos, aprons, wraps, and shawls. I managed to find a more discreet style that turned out to work well for me: it's called the Nurse and Shield, and you can purchase it online from Tiny Tots. I swear, it only looks like you're cradling your baby! You can find my product review and more info in the here.

In the meantime, we have our li'l man tagging along with us whenever we hang out. Additional QT for both the men in my life, then!

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