First Awesome-sauce Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2012

A year ago, Flynn & I spent Christmas as newlyweds, having gotten married just a bit over 4 months by then. So, you can just imagine what a blast we had honeymoon-ing through the holiday season. This year, we have an all-new experience again going through the snuggly-cuddly weather as we have our son joining us. Oddly, it does bring a whole new level of excitement, having a kid in the house once the December holidays hit.

When we were kids ourselves, there was generally nothing we look forward to more (other than our birthdays) than the last weeks of the year when Santa will be receiving our letters and dropping by the house of the consistently well-behaved children. For me, it was all about decorating our tree with red & gold ornaments; leaving Chips Ahoy and milk for Santa's visit (yes, I always assumed I was on the NICE list); finding chocolate treats in my Christmas stocking for 12 days; watching gifts pile up under our  tree; and the longest torture over waiting for 12 midnight when I can finally open all my presents.

When I got older, the scale tilted towards giving rather than receiving. I think it was around this time that I started to feel like Christmas wasn't as exciting. I've always wondered why it's so easy to lose the spirit as we get older, and it's only until recently that I figured, it's because we tend to look at Christmas the wrong way. We get pressured to give because we think we've associated Christmas with material things as when we were younger. However, when I look at it now, I didn't really mind what exactly I got for gifts, as much as the thought of going through the traditions I was used to.

Now that I'm raising my own child, I'm looking forward to creating new traditions. I guess that's what excites me most about having our first Christmas with Joaquin -- teaching him new traditions and knowing he's psyched about the approaching year-end holidays. I'd like him to look forward to an amazing Christmas not because of the prospect of what gifts he would be getting, but at the idea that he would be ending yet another year with his mommy & daddy, happily sharing a meal with people he loves and who love him back. More importantly, I'd like him to learn early on, not to equate this season with the size, value or quantity of the gifts he gets, and to be excited about giving more than receiving.

May we all be reminded that giving is the true spirit of Christmas, and that the littlest blessings can be the most wonderful gifts. Cheers to happy holidays, everyone, from my family to yours! 

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