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Thursday, December 13, 2012

We all know how daunting those first few weeks caring for a newborn can be, especially for those like me who have no sitter or household help who assist. Your body clock is all screwed up and you're in a daze most of the time from being sleep deprived, hungry, and overwhelmed. Suddenly, your days and nights revolve around breastfeeding, burping, pumping, & changing nappies 24/7, since this is all your baby does anyway; this makes it hard to closely keep track of any progress or patterns. 

Well, say goodbye (or "see you later", at least) to schedule stress with this iPhone app I recently discovered while reading one of 'em techie websites. It's called Birth Baby Care and it could just help you stay sane a bit more. 

The interface is pretty simple to navigate through. You begin by adding details of your baby including name, birthdate, & gender. You have 3 basic tabs on top: Feed, Nappy & Sleep, which basically allows you to record relevant info on each of these activities. You can also see record history so you can observe any trending. 

Feed lets you record nursing durations on either breasts, which can aid if you're conscious about keeping a steady milk supply; or from a bottle if you're doing formula & want to track times of the day when trying to identify baby's natural feeding schedule. 

The Nappy tab allows you to record how many diaper changes you've made, and specify if these were dry, wet or dirty. This helps especially in determining if your baby is getting enough milk, since we don't get to measure exact milk intake when breastfeeding. In my case, it also helps in anticipating budget allocation for diapers since I'm still using disposable ones. 

In the Sleep tab, you get to track how long your baby has napped or slept - which can be most useful when you don't see a clear pattern yet on baby's sleep times, especially when they still have those sporadic napping sessions.

Other features include the capability to add personal notes for each record entry, notifications which send you helpful hints, a calendar view which helps you see in a glance a color coded version of baby's activity log throughout the day, an infographic view, and a gallery where you can upload photos of his/her smile, tiny hands & feet, bath time, etc.

All in all the app has been fairly useful to me so far, but I had also sent the developer a suggestion on featuring a capability to add additional kids for moms who have twins, or who have toddlers whose age are very near the baby's. It would also be great if they could incorporate solid feeding somewhere there, to extend the usefulness of the app past baby's early months. 

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